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Caravan and Trailer Transportation

The following are example Terms and Conditions applied to jobs - depending on the specific job, additional T&Cs may apply. Please contact me for details.

  • Caravan or trailer to be towed must be in roadworthy legal condition.
  • Proof of ownership/receipt on collection to be provided.
  • Any defect arising during delivery with the towed item is the responsibility of the owner or person that contacts me

    Defect examples as follows:
    Fault arising with tyres, wheels, punctures, faulty brakes etc.

  • Cars being transported on my trailer are fully insured (fully comprehensive) and also when driven on the road.
  • Cars stored at my premises are fully covered and whilst under my custody or control.
  • Caravans and trailers towed are covered for road risk third party only, plus public liability cover

    If you require fully comprehensive cover for caravan and or contents this can be arranged at extra cost please ask for details (this is to keep the transport cost at a minimum as most caravans are covered by the owners insurance).

Please contact me to discuss the full Terms and Conditions specific to your job.